Spring News

Hello Everyone,

It is Spring!! I am so excited!! I have things blooming, had my fruit trees pruned, and my lawn is mowed.

Here in this newsletter are many things to get you back up and running while this pandemic is forever changing. I got my vaccines so I am raring to go and get back to teaching. 
Here are some learning possibilities to inspire you!

Two in-person classes at two of my very favorite places to teach. 

MISA, Madeline Island School of the Arts, May 10 to 14, 2021 in Santa Fe New Mexico!! I love teaching there because I used to live there and have many friends and family there so I have a really great time in class then get to visit good friends in the after hours. 

I will be teaching Watercolor to Quilt where we spend the first day making fun little paintings. (No painting skills needed. We are just allow the watercolors to do their thing.) Then we pick one small portion of one of the many paintings created and make a line drawing of it and enlarge that to make a wall hanging that will look just like the painting. Here are some examples of some of my favorite watercolor painting quilts. 

Here is the link to learn more about The Santa Fe MISA workshop. Learn more and signup.

Hudson River Valley Workshop, June 6 to 11, Hudson River Valley New York
I teach here every year for years and just love it . A beautiful B&B with gourmet food and a big classroom.

I will be teaching another class based on paintings, this one being with acrylic paint. We create several canvases in a chosen color scheme then cut them up to make a composition. We then transform that composition with fabric to create a wall quilt. Here are some sample stitched paintings.

Here is the link to learn more about the Hudson River Valley workshop: Learn more and signup.

Alegre Retreat November 14 to 19, 2021

To learn more about the Alegre Retreat, visit the website: Alegre Retreat Website

Two Online (Email-Based) Classes Starting

Color and Composition, begins June 7, 2021

Join me and 10 participants for a dynamic online class focusing on color and composition. This is a personal in-depth study.

Working in a Series, begins June 17, 2021

A series is a group of works that continues an idea from one piece to the next. It is a way to create unified pieces that give an individual voice to your work and to get deeper into your work through technique, design and color.

Visit my Online Classes to Learn More and Signup

Virtual Zoom-Based Class

Jumpstarting Your Creativity, 4 Sessions: July 3, August 7, September 4, and October 2

This is my one and only Zoom Class. I am in the middle of the first one that started in February and I will be presenting it one more time starting in July. Limit of 100 participants.

Here is a recent review: “YOU are a Wonder Woman! I DO love your teaching. Today’s class was content rich, quickly paced which works best for me, intriguing assignments, great use of the Zoom format and perfect opportunity for Q and A. I really am intrigued with how you combine Painting and Fabric Art. The photos from other classes at the end were GREAT. Thanks for keeping the videos up for all 4 months. EXCELLENT class in every way. I can’t wait to get started on the assignments. Thanks very much for doing this.”

Visit my Online Classes to Learn More and Signup

I have to brag for a minute

I won Best of Show at the Redwood Art Association Spring Show! I also received an honorable mention. This is our big Art group in Northern California. It was a mixed media fine art show and I was the only quilter that entered and I won Best of Show! Whoo hooo. This was a virtual show and I didn’t get to peacock around the opening as there was no reception. Here are the two quilts, Water Lilies and Daisies, and the juror’s comments which I found really interesting?!

Juror’s comment
“I like that these waterlilies are multi-functional in that their gestalts allow for a variety of reads from parasols to cherries to brown diamonds to butterfly petals to hills and even tv antennas while still allowing for monochrome memories of the stages of bloom. In conversation with recent contemporary art while occupying a world of its own.”
Juror’s comment
“I like that these daisies could be windmills, speakers, explosions of spring or all three at once. I also like that they’re somewhat technical flowers in the way that the darker petals are interwoven with plaid. The proto-cubist tabletop and vase are excellent samples of forced perspective and the exploding greenery around the petals is dope as well.”

Picnic Table and Planter Boxes

I have been covering my picnic table ala Dolores!! Dolores is my otter that I created for a fundraiser in my area. Here is Dolores and the Picnic table (table is a work in progress).

I love my planter boxes and was thinking of covering them in fabric too but that is going way too far with fabric collage so I had to tell myself no. So now just waiting to put the plants in and watch them grow. 

Enjoy your Spring, may it be the start of some wonderful things in your life.

Be positive and keep creating!

love and hugs,


Hi Everyone!

It is the start of the new year. Not so smooth yet but hopefully everything will get better and we can enjoy each other once again. I am still not able to travel to teach so in the meantime I am going to do a live virtual class called Jumpstarting Your Creativity!! It is four sessions of formal art considerations. You can sign up now, the classes start the first Monday of February and go the next three months for a total of 4 sessions. They will go live at 11:00 AM PST. I am very excited about this course.

I will be home in my studio showing you how to create four ideas of mine and hopefully help you to discover ways of creating your own “rules” for individual art pieces. Someday that may become a virtual class as well. I really enjoy teaching in person in a classroom with students to interact with but this virtual teaching is the next best thing and allows many more people to join in. 

In the meantime, I am working on the second in my new series on grid work. Here is an image of the first in the series. It is 45 inches by 55 inches and very fun to  make. Hang in there! Stay safe! And keep creating.

love and hugs, katiepm

Happy New Year

2020 is out and 2021 is starting off not so great but we will get through this together. I am getting a lot of quilting and painting done with all of this time at home in my studio. So I can’t complain about that. I am very blessed to have such a strong desire to get something creative done every day. I think it has really helped me get through this solitary time. Of course I am not totally alone, I have my three dogs that make me walk every morning which helps with the cabin fever effect. I also have a great quaranteam of my sister and her family and my cousin Holly. We are all staying very safe so that we can get together now and then. I am working toward doing some live online classes and will be airing my first one in February and hoping to do at least one a month. If you might be interested send me an email and I will put you on the invitation list. katiepm505@gmail.comuntil then keep on creating!

love and virtual hugs,