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Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! I had a wonderful time the end of March helping my daughter have her baby in Wisconsin. What an awesome experience to share with her as 1.2 of her coach team. He is a beautiful baby boy named Dylan E Hansrote. Just stole my heart, can’t wait to go back for a visit. And there is always a baby quilt in the making. I am working hard the next few weeks and playing hard too. A trip to our family houseboat on Trinity Lake to celebrate my birthday. Then home for a few days to do some stitched paintings to sell at Alegre Retreat. The next weekend a trip to Chico California for my nephews wedding and mini family reunion. Then home back for a few days to pack all my stuff and fly off to Gateway Canyons for the 10th anniversary of Alegre Retreat!! so excited about that. It is a great retreat filled with new and long time friends, inspiration all around, Excellent food and informative class and lectures to learn more about Alegre Retreat go to Maybe you would like to join us one year. Always in April. Spring is so beautiful there.







Enjoy your spring wherever you are. and Happy Quilting


March. I am doing fine, lots of projects to keep me busy. Trying to finish two quilts to hang and my Alegre Retreat show which is coming up in April. and lots of Baby quilts are being made because there are 4 new babies coming in our families in the next few months. So quilting quilting quilting!!

love and hugs


January Has Come And Gone

January has come and gone and it is now the first of February 2018. The start of a new life for me. My dear husband passed away mid January. He left three wonderful children and their mates and 5 grand children with one on the way. He will be missed by all of us. I am learning to deal with my grief and will find a way to go on and make him proud of me. I have taken the next few months off from teaching in order to process this whole change. I imagine I will spend most of my time in the studio making art, some of the time on the computer trying to stay caught up and the rest of the time remembering what a great man he was, true to his word, funny, responsible and head over heals in love with me as I am with him.




On a much lighter note the month of January also brought a box of books.

My brother Mark has written the first of the Steve Walsh mysteries. I love the cover and the back shows the quilt that I made that has the clue to who done it!!

You can order it for e readers at amazon or if you want an old fashion hard copy you can order it from me on this web site.
It is a great read if I do say so myself. I am now pondering the quilt for the second book!!
I am so proud of him.



May the rest of the year bring healing and happiness to all of us.
thanks for your support