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This quilt was awarded the Quilts Japan prize at the 2011 Quilt National, Con Brio-With Spirit. It consists of a painted canvas that is the basis for the quilt. This painting is then set into the quilt designed after the painting. I love playing with the complimentary colors of yellow and violet and the grand movement created by the large brush strokes.  Enjoy the rest of the site. You will find information on classes and lectures, books and supplies, and of course my quilts and stitched paintings. Also, the Alegre Retreat web site is up and can be visited at www.alegreretreat.com
Con Brio-With Spirit
Con Brio - With Spirit, 65" x 65"

Katiepm Newsletter
February, 2014

It is the first of February at this writing and there is fresh snow on the ground. Quiet a shock after teaching in Ontario, California at Rd to California and then in Scottsdale at Quilting in the Desert. So there is a fire in the fireplace and I am happy to be home for 7 weeks in a row. I am planning on working hard to finish a couple of quilts and to paint with wild abandon as well. My on line courses are going well. Everything is right to settle in and enjoy some time at home with my family.
thanks for checking in.



January, 2014

2014, The start of a new year. I am really looking forward to this year. I am spending some time on the road teaching and a lot of time in the studio this year. On the road highlights will be Rd to California and Quilting in the desert later this month. Two weeks away teaching in a row but then home in the studio for the month of February. March I get to go to Greenville New York for the quilting workshops at Hudson River Valley, one of my favorite spots that I get to teach at once a year. April is my Alegre Retreat then in July I am going to South Africa and when I am done with the teaching some family and friends are joining me for a safari and touring!! Mixed in with all of that is making log cabins with my sisters in January and in May we make patriotic log cabins for our fine service men, a wedding and a family reunion as well. I am starting a new set of on line courses that I really enjoy in January and then again in June. I am painting on Wednesday with my good friends in one of our studios to inspire and critique each other. That is always fun. Walking my dogs and generally enjoying life. New years resolution is to be grateful and happy. Happy New Year to all of you.


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December, 2013

The holidays are upon us, and their is snow on the ground and a fire in the fireplace here. I love this time of year. My dogs and I even went snowshoeing together the other day. What a work out. I am still working on my abstracting the landscape series and have completed two more pieces. The latest one is getting me excited and I think it is the direction I will continue to work for a while.
abstracting the landscape - Katie Pasquini Masopust abstracting the landscape - Katie Pasquini Masopust

I am also finishing up the quilting on my latest quilt that I will be entering with two others into the Visions show. The deadline for that is month of January with the online entries so for once in my life I am ahead of schedule.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Christmas
love and hugs


November, 2013

Ahhh the teaching season is over! now a couple of months to focus in my studio! I have been continuing the work on my abstracting the landscape series. In the last news letter I showed the first three pieces and here are two more. I am getting closer to what I see in my head. Just having a bit of trouble getting it right in reality.
katie pasquini masopust katie pasquini masopust

I hope to get 5 or 6 more done then pick three to make into large quilts.
I was hacked recently so I have changed many things and one of them is my email please use this address from now on. katiepm505@gmail.com
The on line critique course series will begin again in January. Starting dates of January 13, 15, 20, and the 22nd. if you  want to sign up early you can go to classes here on this web site and pull down the menu and go to on line course and sign up. Please let me know what day you would like to start if not I will put you in the first available. Each lesson takes two weeks from when I send you an email of the peramaters and when you need to send an image of your completed piece. I will then send you a critique and then the next lesson. There are 8 lessons all together so it is a 16 week commitment. I hope you chose to join us it is a lot of fun and you will learn a lot.
Have great Holidays and I hope to see you in the new year
love and hugs

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October, 2013

I am blessed to have five weeks at home in between teaching engagements and I have set up a schedule for myself. Monday and Tuesday I am choosing to paint in my garage studio, the rest of the week I am working in my home studio making quilts. I have a quilt drawn, enlarged and ready to start choosing the fabrics and the applique for the Wednesday through Sunday part of this schedule. For the paintings, I am working on a series, about a vision in my mind of a fantastic landscape quilt and how to make that happen in the real world, some things are just fantastic in my head, they are not so easy to make happen outside of my head. So I will be doing paintings that I will make into abstract landscapes. Then when I get a constructed painting that comes close to my vision I will make it into a large quilt based on the painting.

The first exploration is a simplified southwestern landscape made of different pieces of painted canvases.
simplified southwestern landscape
simplified southwestern landscape The second is still staying pretty true to a landscape but piecing several pieces from each different colored paintings for each part of the landscape.
A bit more abstract and interesting but not even close to what I have in my mind. The third is more abstract, just horizontal bands of color to represent the different layers of the sky and earth. Each band is a patchwork of painted canvases. More abstract but very static and I want to portray the movement of the earth and the sky. So thinking and thinking until my next painting Monday. simplified southwestern landscape


Check back in a month to see where I have gotten in this search or join me on facebook where I am posting things in the series as I complete them by "liking" at katiepm Stay Up-To-Date
Follow Katie on Facebook

thanks for stopping by

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August, 2013

Hi, It has been a busy few months with lots of traveling and teaching. I had a wonderful time at Quilting by the Lake in Syracuse New York. Love that conference! We did a stitched painting class that was awesome. Check out all of their pictures of their works on my facebook page at katiepm. Then I flew from the east coast to the west coast to compete in a sprint marathon with my cousin and her daughter, Kristin, and her daughters friends.  Kristin's fiance Rob was our coach. We finished it! Holly and I were the two oldest women in the race and we came in at the end but we did it. What a high! It was a 1/4 mile swim, 11 mile bike ride and 2+mile run. We did it all and we have the T shirt to prove it.

This month I finished a little donation quilt for the Heart of the Redwoods Hospice in Garberville California. My best friend Randalyn works very closely with this hospice and they needed a little wall quilt for their fund raiser and I stepped up to help them out. Randi and her boyfriend have done so much for me over the years that I thought it only fair. Here is the piece that I did. It was a lot of fun to make. I get to go out to Southern Humboldt to attend the fund raiser and pick the winning ticket. And to spend time with my friends.

Then back to the studio to make some quilts. Ahh love that part of my life so much, time in the studio.

happy quilting
love and hugs


katie pasquini masopust
katie pasquini masopust P.S. I forgot that I hadn't posted my piece from Quilt National this year. We have to be so careful not to post our work anywhere before the judging of Quilt National to not be disqualified that I forgot to ever post it so here is my piece that got into the 2013 Quilt National.


June, 2013

Summer is finally here. The air conditioner is on and there are so many fires in the area. Please everyone stay safe this summer. I just returned from a wonderful teaching trip in Canada. I love those Canadian women! We had so much fun and it was so beautiful. Next week I go to our family reunion in Kansas City! Really looking forward to our large noisy gang having a fun time together. This is really a busy summer for me and I am not getting much quilting done.

Here is my little 12 inch SAQA auction piece. It was fun to do and I hope it helps the organization.

I have one quilt on the wall, one that I am drawing and several in my mind. So I am working on quilts just not much getting done. Lots of teaching this summer, Vermont Quilt Festival, Quilting by the Lake, Quilt Festival Long Beach, AQS Grand Rapids Michigan, Front Range Quilters Colorado, Nancy Crow Barn, Houston Quilt Festival and Bernina Sewing Center Albuquerque New Mexico. I will be ready for Winter.
I hope to see you in one of these venues and if you are unable to come to a class you might be interested in my on line Color, Composition and Design critique course. On my home page go to teaching and look for on line course to find out more.
Happy quilting
love and hugs

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April, 2013

It is the end of April and it has been a great month. The 5th anniversary of Alegre Retreat was spectacular. We had fire works, we had a lecture by John Hendricks himself on his new book coming out soon, and we had cupcakes and carrot cakes. It was awesome. If you want to join us or learn more about Alegre Retreat go to www.alegreretreat.com. It is just too much fun.
Then we had the SAQA meeting here in Santa Fe and that was great seeing so many friends in my own little town. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.
I am packing once again. This time I am off to teach in Scotland and Holland. In Scotland I am giving a master class and showing 16 of my quilts at the Lock Lommond quilt show along with the students finished works from the master class I gave there last year. So that should be really exciting. Oh and giving the one day color classes during the quilt show.
In between the master class and the show I had a week off so arranged with a dear friend in Holland to hop over there and give a two day Ghost layer class with an extra day in there for so sightseeing in Amsterdam.
When I get home it will be time to go to Quilt National for their opening.
It is really a very busy year but I am enjoying it.

Happy Creating - love and hugs


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March, 2013
Spring is coming that is what they keep telling us here but it is still so cold in the mornings for my walks with my dogs!!! I have had a great first of the year. In January I taught in Spain and had a wonderful time then in February I taught in Canada and had another wonderful time. I am so blessed to teach and travel for my living. I love teaching and seeing the world. I haven't made any new quilts yet as I have been working on doing a sample for each of the eight lessons in my new on line class! I have gone through all of the lessons with a "test" group of women and they say that they are learning a lot. Go to the teaching pull down tab and to on line class to find out more. Here are my eight samples from the classes.

Join me and 10 participants for a dynamic online class focusing on color and composition. I've designed 8 lessons for you to interpret and incorporate your own creative ideas. You'll have 2 weeks to complete each lesson before sending a digital picture to me and I will then post all pieces in a private Yahoo group in your own file. I will give every participant a personal, thorough critique of each lesson and will host a final critique of class works so that everyone learns from all. 

To Join: click on Teaching and then Online Classes on the navigation bar at the top of the webpage. Complete the registration form. This form will be sent to me and I will add you to a class of 10. I will let you know which date your class will start. On the start date you will receive in an email the lesson. Create a piece based on your interpretation of the instructions. This piece can be any size that you like. My pieces are 16 inches but any size and format will work. You will have approximately 2 weeks to complete and send me an image in an email. I will then send you a private critique of the work and the following day send you the next lesson. You will be invited to join a private yahoo groups site where there will be a folder for each participant. I will post each participants piece at the end of each lesson so you can see what everyone is creating. The final critique will be sent to everyone so they can learn from the other participants. The cost of the class is 175.00. When you sign up I will send an email with more details. If you have any questions you may email me at katiepm@aol.com

love and hugs

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