Katiepm Itinerary 2022-2023

Katie travels throughout the world teaching and lecturing. Katie’s easy, energetic manner has made her a very popular teacher and lecturer. When not in residence at her studio in Fortuna she travels the world presenting her contemporary quilting theories and techniques to classes; not only in North America, but in Europe, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

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March 5-10, 2023

Empty Spools Seminar

Grid Work

Suzanne Cox

April 2-7, 2023

Alegre Retreat

Grid Work

Gateway Canyons Resort

Katie Pasquini Masopust

May 5-10, 2023

Empty Spools Seminars

Jumpstart Design and Creativity

Suzanne Cox

June 12-16, 2023

Quilters Studio Sonoma

From Watercolor to Quilt

Kathy Lanza

September 11-16, 2023

Woodland Ridge Retreat

From Watercolor to Quilt

Chris Daly

Chris Daly

October 8-13, 2023

Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

Zooming in On a Series

Kim Lapolla

November 1, 2023

Puyallup Valley Quilt Guild

Zoom lecture

Diane Hopper

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