Katie travels throughout the world teaching and lecturing. Contact Katie to schedule her for your guild or group.

Please contact Katie directly for complete details and pricing.


katiepmPainting with Cloth
This slide lecture shows my development from early paintings through traditional quilts up to the present contemporary wall quilts. I will show early traditional quilts, Mandalas, Three dimensional quilts, Isometric quilt, Fractured Landscape quilts and my new Ghost layer + color washes. Includes: inspirations, funny stories, mistakes and foul-ups and design techniques, question and answer session to follow. 1 hour

Quilts and Quilts Trips
Not necessarily your normal slide lecture. A combination of slides from my quilting trips and the unusual things I found there, and the beautiful quilts from quilters all over. A more humorous look at the world from a quilters point of view. 1 hour

Art Quilts
A compilation of the top quiltsmakers in the world, and their views and inspirations for their work. Having transformed her training and talent as a painter to painting with fabric, Katie will talk about her work, current trends, and accomplished artists with whom she has worked with as the President of the national organization of Studio Art Quilt Associates. Also a good sampling of my work and my inspirations. 1 hour