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Working in a Series: Personal Series

Cosmic Collisions - Katiepm

Explore the creative possibilities of working in a series by making one of your own. Participants bring a small piece to the workshop from which to build a series of two or three additional works. We will first evaluate all pieces made in advance and discuss their potential for development into a series. Participants then form a plan of their own considering color, composition, and elements of design, such as contrasts of size, contrast of temperature, contrast of values, engaging the edge, negative space, etc. Each piece in your series builds on the previous one.


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From Watercolor to Quilt (Class time: 2 to 5 days)

Arpeggio (2006) - Katiepm

Abstract watercolor paintings will be created the first day using 10 different painting techniques that will leave the student with several paintings to work from. Techniques include, transparent layered shapes, tape resists, rubber cement drawing resist, washes, glazing, dropping in of colors, surface treatments using soap bubbles, rubbing alcohol and grids, etc. One painting will be chosen and cropped to find the most dynamic part. This will be drawn to make templates, then enlarged, and translated with fabrics into a quilt using either my turned edge technique or the students preferred technique. When the quilt is done it will look like a watercolor painting. No painting experience is needed.


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Artful Log Cabins (line and grid)

Days Of Wine And Roses - Katiepm

The log cabin block is so very versatile, we will use that as the basis for creating linear abstract art quilts. Start with a painting or photograph, crop that to a strong personal composition, overlay a grid, this can be an even grid, an uneven grid, curved or random grid, this linear drawing is laid over the inspiration photo or painting to become the map. Then log cabins made up of the colors found in each unit of the grid will be constructed and then put together to make the quilt. Emphasis on composition, variety, color, value and visual pathways.


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Painted, Stitched Canvas (Class time: 2 to 5 days)

This class combines painting and quilting. Using Acrylic paint the students will create layers of imagery onto thin canvas, applying fused fabrics and many layers of thin fluid acrylic paint. A color scheme is chosen and two to three canvases are painted within that color scheme. Then these canvases are cut apart and combined to create a complex composition. The reconstructed canvas is then layered with batting and backing and stitched. These stitched pieces can then be stretched on a frame ready to hang or inserted into a quilt of the same design to create a many textured creation.

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Transforming the Still Life (Class time: 2 days for design to 5 days to start a quilt)

Still Life - Katiepm

We will work from an all white still life, transforming it in many different ways to learn about value, shadows, texture, highlights and different kinds of perspective. This is a drawing class but don’t be afraid if you can’t draw, that just makes it more abstract! We will learn how to draw together by learning to really see through blind contour drawings, cartoon drawings and painted drawings. We will add color, exploring many different color schemes and their impact. Several abstract drawings for quilts will be the end product of the first two days of class. In the 3 to 5 day class we will choose one of the designs, consider its color scheme and composition, enlarge the design and begin the quilt.


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Design Explorations (Class time: 2 days design to 5 days to start a quilt)

Fortissimo (2005) - Katiepm

This workshop will show you how to start with an original photograph, line drawing or painting and create a departure from its reality. We will do 6 + different exercises to explore the abstract and non-representational designs, these include, shape, line, blind painting, cubing , zooming, abstract still life. Composition, color schemes and a well thought out plan will be emphasized. A quilt design will be fully realized. Many different techniques will be discussed to help you create your quilt such as appliqu, piecing, fusing, collage, and painting and stamping on the surface.



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Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter (Class time: 3 days to design)

Big Leaves - Cannas (2000) - Katiepm

Through the use of color and composition we will explore exercises on the following:
How to create transparencies, how to create and actually use a color wheel and gray scales, seeing and drawing, composition, proportion, viewing paths, cropping and zooming in. Work with 9 different color schemes, including monochromatic, analogous and complimentary. The class samples will be small fused works. The goal is for the student to leave with several ideas for future quilts and a better understanding of art principles as they relate to quilt artists.

$75.00 US Kit fee includes all fabric needed for the class fused and ready to use.

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Value (Class time: 1 day)


value-katiepmColor and Value, learn to work with a full range of values to create depth and illumination. Discover the importance of the light-lights and the power of very darks and how to make the colors in-between enhance their impact. We will work with Grays, Black and White Prints and color

1 or 2 days (all levels).

Fabrics and inspiration will be included in the kit. All fabrics will be fused and ready for use
Cost of kit is $40.00

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Color Theory (Class time: 1 day)


colortheory-katiepm-1Color and texture, warm and cool, reflective and absorbing, all the properties and moods of color in fabric will be explored using actual fabric swatches to design a color wheel and color study wall hanging. Learn to use color more freely, following what looks right to you, not what the text tell you should be. A more emotional way to work with color. The color swatches consist of all types of fabrics, from cottons and blends. To satins and lam, everything!
1 day class, 6 hours. Each student will bring fabrics from home to combine with each others, to create a color wheel and several studies.


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Ghost Layers and Color Washes (Class time: 1 or 2 days to design, to 5 days to start a quilt)

Big Getty (1998) - Katiepm

1. A photograph is used for the base design.
2. Add a Ghost layer or floating design, (transparency) complimentary or in opposition to the first layer.
3. Add additional colors by following a painted water color wash (a painting on paper)
These three layers combined will create an in-depth and illusionary design.
A small quilt sample will be created the first day and then a larger masterpiece will be started for the balance of the class.


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Fractured Landscapes (Class time: 1 day design, to 5 days to start a quilt)

Create a beautiful landscape using a photo of a special place. Find your personal, stylized version of reality. Fracture the finished drawing to create different shapes for color choices and add a surrealistic quality. Work with a stabilizer or foundation, blind machine applique, machine satin/straight quilting in a quilt-as-you-go format. Easy techniques that create a complex looking landscape.


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