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November 2015 Newsletter Katiepm

My newest online course for iquilt has just gone live!! Paint & Stitch: Vibrant Acrylic Quilts. This is a fun class that produces stunning results even if you’ve never worked with acrylic paints.

In June, my favorite video yet became available as well. Watercolor to Quilt is the title and I show how to create water color paintings then crop to find a great composition then make that into a quilt! It really turned out great and it shows how I make my pattern and use the templates to choose fabrics and turn the edges, How I stitch it all down and how I quilt. lots of information. I hope you give it a try and enjoy it.

Total there are now four videos available!

Last February I filmed two other episodes for We had a great time filming and my videos are out !! I am so excited. Color Theory for quilters is playing now. Artful Log Cabins is airing now as well. The color lesson is all about the way that I interpret the color wheel into fabric for quilters and how to use the color wheel to add dimension and excitement to your quilts. I hope you will take a look at the trailer posted here on YouTube Color Theory and Artful Log Cabins and then go to and register and see all of the wonderful videos that they have out now! And check back every now and then as they are making new videos all of the time.

All four lessons are now available as DVDs, so you could own one yourself if you haven’t downloaded it on iquilt. They are 25 dollars apiece. I had such fun making each and everyone. Visit my books and supplies page to purchase one.

Check back every now and then as they are making new videos all of the time.


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Paint & Stitch: Vibrant Acrylic Quilts – This is a fun class that produces stunning results even if you’ve never worked with acrylic paints. Combine painting with acrylics and easy quilting with Katie Pasquini Masopust. With her expert guidance, choose a color scheme and make three different paintings by layering paints and fabrics. Then, use Katie’s method to cut the canvases apart and sew them together to create a complex composition. Her technique lends itself well to geometric designs, still lifes, and landscapes. Next, layer your project with batting and backing, and quilt it as you prefer. Katie demonstrates how the final piece may be stretched onto a frame and hung. If you prefer to use the stitched canvas in other ways, she also gives instructions on how to cover books or calendars for personalized gift giving and even how to make her six-minute zippered bag! Go to and register and see this video.


From Watercolor to Quilt-Create abstract watercolor paintings using eight different painting techniques. Combine these techniques and multiply the fun. Play with bubbles, cups, rubber cement, masking fluid, air, gravity, stamps, and ink to produce a collection of colorful paintings. Then, choose one favorite and crop it to find the most dynamic part. Katie shows how to enlarge the area, make templates, and turn that watercolor creation into a fabulous art quilt. Learn how to choose and place the fabrics, building from the top down, until you have a quilt that looks like a watercolor painting! The best part? No painting experience is needed, so jump in and turn yourself into a painter and art quilter all in one exciting class! Go to and register and see this video.

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Color Theory for Quilters – Develop your own sense of color with Katie Pasquini Masopust in this inspiring tutorial. While Katie teaches, she suggests practice exercises to apply what is being presented. Create a fabric color wheel while learning about the placement and interaction of color. Value is explained, along with classic color schemes. View multiple types of composition and study colors emerging from nature. Then, explore the true magic of color with examples of transparency. The interactive approach ensures that the content offered in this class will affect the way you see color in your projects and build confidence about your own color choices. Go to and register and see this video.

Color Theory for Quilters – YouTube Trailer :



Artful Log Cabins– Join Katie as she combines her love of art and Log Cabin quilts in this creative class! First, she will guide you as you select an inspiration photo or painting. These Log Cabin designs can be made in square, diagonal, or wonky formats, giving a distinctive look to your project. Gathering the fabrics can be so much fun, and adding specialty fabrics is a great way to add some shimmer and shine. Cutting strips and doing simple, straight-line stitching moves along quickly, so in no time at all, this quilt top will be constructed and ready to quilt! Katie shows lots of quilts done in this approach, which provides ideas and additional inspiration. All the while, learn about composition and color value from one of the finest instructors in the industry. This is a wonderfully enjoyable class for beginners or experienced quilters alike. Go to and register and see this video.

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