A New Titanium Knee

I have been recovering from a new titanium knee!! Lots of therapy and I am almost ready to walk my dogs again on my own. Three big dogs are a bit scary when you are not sure of your strength and stability. Here is a picture of them waiting for me to get up and take them.

At this moment I can take one at a time. which they do not understand at all. Three fifteen minute walks around the neighborhood a day is all I am allowed at this time.

Not much sewing going on as my studio is up a flight of stares. But I took my painted canvases down stairs before the surgery and I have been making stitched painting still life to keep my creativity going. Summer is coming to an end! It has been beautiful weather in northern California and I am well away from all of the fires. Firewood has been delivered so I am ready for the winter to settle in and start some new quilts.

love and hugs