August Is Upon Us!

It has been a great summer filled with family reunions, good movies, good friends and good food. I start a rigorous teaching schedule taking me to San Francisco, Paducah, Juneau, The Texas Quilt Museum for a retrospective, Tahoe and Canada!! Then home for the holidays. Please check out my itinerary to see if I will be teaching near you and maybe we could meet up. I have finished up a lot of quilts in the last few months and that feels really good. 

Two Artful Log Cabins:   


The Map Quilt, for the cover of my brother Mark’s second book in his series on quilt mysteries. 

I have finished several quilts started in workshops as examples of what we were doing:

Gum Tree Blossoms I

Gum Tree Blossoms II, from my Jumpstarting your Creativity course

Cabbage, from the Fractured Landscape class.

It feels good to have those done and now I am working on a quilt based on Waterlilies, and a new still-life piece for my floral series. A lot of my family has been around, and two of my brothers like working in the yard so many trees have been cut back and there is a feeling of openness to my lovely land around my home, I can see the creek again!! Thanks to my brothers!! Thanks for stopping by, if you want to keep in touch please like me on facebook at katiepm. Enjoy!!