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Johannesburg South Africa

August, 2014: I have just returned from Teaching in Johannesburg South Africa!! I am so thankful for what I do for a living because it takes me to so many amazing places and this one has got to be the top of my list. I taught three classes, Watercolor to Quilt for two days, Composition for one day and Fractured Landscapes for two days. The students were very enthusiastic and very talented and fun fun fun!!!
Then my cousin Holly, her daughter Kristin and husband Rob and my best friend Randi and her man Brian joined me for some sight seeing. First we went to the Simbavati Lodge near Krueger Park for the most amazing safari and we were able to see the big 5 and many more animals.

We then went to Cape Town where I worked very hard to overcome my terrible fear of hights!! Well first we climbed up and down Table Mountain, look that one up that was quite the hike straight up and down (cable car was closed for repair) took us 7 hours!!! Then at the Botanical Gardens we crossed the Canapy bridge at the top of the trees!! look at me I kept saying as I stood out at the farthest edge. Then at the Cape of Good Hope we were Geocaching and there was one way out on the tip and I got there sometimes crawling but look at me I said as we got to the very most southern tip way above the crashing waves!! More work to be done on the hight thing but wow what a trip. Penquin watching, wine tasting, hiking, laughing and crying!! what a trip now back to work or I will never finish this piece that I am making for this years Quilt National.
You can see more photos from the trip on my facebook page.

love and hugs


July Is A Lovely Month

July, 2014: July is a lovely month. I love fireworks although I didn’t see any this year just heard a few booms before I drifted off to sleep early.
Busy month, we have a new grandson Jack who we are so pleased about.
Next week I am off to Oregon for our annual family reunion and that is always the best week ever with family and friends.Katiepm

Then on the 20th I fly to Johannesburg South Africa to teach at their annual conference. That is exciting enough but when I am through teaching my cousin Holly, her daughter Kristin and new husband Rob, best friend Randy and her darling Brian are meeting me for a three day safari (photography) and three days in Cape Town. What could be better, quilting, friend, family, animals, food and drink!! Have a great summer.

love and hugs

And during all of this I am working on my quilt for Quilt National. Top Secret, no images can be shown!



Trinity Lake in Northern CA

June, 2014: May was a very busy month of teaching. And one really fun weekend over the Memorial day. We always get together, my sisters and I, and make log cabin quilts.

KatiepmEvery Memorial day we make patriotic lap quilts for our service men to thank them for all they do for us. This year we decided to do the sewing up at our houseboat at Trinity Lake in Northern California. Wow what fun that was and it was a beautiful weekend.


KatiepmWe were very cozy as there is not a lot of room on a houseboat but we set up three sewing machines and one ironing station and had a generator that kept us going. They said it couldn’t be done but we did it. Here are the four tops that we completed in a day and a half hanging from the back of the house boat shot with a panoramic setting on my camera. I love the way they look in the sunshine. Now we just have to quilt them and get them to some deserving Veterans. Thank you all vets everywhere for keeping us safe and fighting for our country.


June starts out with a bang as I am headed out to Santa Barbara to participate in the wedding of my Niece Kristin to wonderful Rob. Should be lots of fun with lots of family. Then a few weeks at home working on a new quilt in my studio. With a class right here at home at the Santa Fe Quilt Shop on Working in a Series which should be fun and I get to go home each night. It is so nice to teach in your own town, no flights, no hotels, nothing but teaching. See more on that on my itinerary page.

My kitchen has been torn up for four weeks waiting for new granite countertops. It has been interesting doing the dishes in the only sink that we have hooked up which is in the laundry room!! But they should be installed the first week in June.

Enjoy your summer, and happy creating
love and hugs