July Is A Lovely Month

July, 2014: July is a lovely month. I love fireworks although I didn’t see any this year just heard a few booms before I drifted off to sleep early.
Busy month, we have a new grandson Jack who we are so pleased about.
Next week I am off to Oregon for our annual family reunion and that is always the best week ever with family and friends.Katiepm

Then on the 20th I fly to Johannesburg South Africa to teach at their annual conference. That is exciting enough but when I am through teaching my cousin Holly, her daughter Kristin and new husband Rob, best friend Randy and her darling Brian are meeting me for a three day safari (photography) and three days in Cape Town. What could be better, quilting, friend, family, animals, food and drink!! Have a great summer.

love and hugs

And during all of this I am working on my quilt for Quilt National. Top Secret, no images can be shown!