Enjoying The Holiday

I hope all are enjoying the holiday season. We had a super thanksgiving with good food and good friends and family. And Christmas this year will be especially bright with grandchildren and good friends in attendance. I hope to spend some of my down teaching time working in my studio and a few new quilts and painting in my newly updated painting studio. More lights and a few shelves was all it took to entice me into painting more in these darker and wetter days of winter!

The Rose Quilt Mystery by Mark PasquiniMy dear brother Mark is writing fiction for C&T publishing. He is writing Mystery novels where the clues are in different quilts. I make the quilt for each book and he writes the great mystery. Here is the teaser for the book:

It is the 1920s, in the world of quilting circles. A wealthy woman and prominent local quilter is murdered with a pair of quilting shears during the preparations for a local flower show, leaving a dying clue on the lap quilt she and the executive committee are making as the first prize. Unfortunately, the clue could point to anyone on the committee or any of her three adopted children… Steve Walsh is called to investigate, helped and hindered at every turn by the late quilter’s flapper daughter and by the scrappy reporter Julie Boroni. Will Steve catch the murderer? Will he remain a bachelor or will he finally settle down (and with whom)? A classic murder mystery with a quilty twist, this historical fiction novel is sure to grab every quilter’s imagination and make them long for a bygone era.

You can order the book from me hear on my web site or you can also get it as a kindle book on Amazon!

I am so proud of him and it was really fun working with him. We are working on the second book where the quilt will be a map!!! that is all I can say at this point.
enjoy the Christmas season with friends and loved ones