November 2015 Newsletter Katiepm

Fall And Then Winter

Fall and then Winter. I can’t believe that this year is almost over already.
I just returned from Houston Quilt Festival where I had a grand time teaching my new Artful Log Cabins class for two days with 24 dynamite students and a Value class and Composition class with equally exciting students. I also ran the Alegre Retreat booth with my best friend Randalyn so we got to catch up and eat some good food and meet a lot of really great people.

I am now under contract with C&T publishing to write a book on my Artful Log Cabins so if you have taken the class from me and finished your piece and want to submit it for consideration for the book please do so at my email of I will need an image of the quilt and the inspirational photo. if you did not take the photo or paint the picture I will also need permission from the original artist to use it in the book.

iquilt just went live on the 3rd of November and they are starting with my course on color. It is really fun to watch and very colorful!! I think you might enjoy it. go to and register and then look for my class called Color Theory for Quilters. I have a second class on the Artful Log Cabin but they are going to run that a bit later to give everyone a chance to see this one.



I am getting ready to start my private online courses in January and will start taking registrations now. There is a pull down tab for the online classes and you can just go there to register then I will send you a pay pal invoice and you will be all set. The first class will start on January 12. That will be the Color and Composition class.

There are 8 lessons that I send to you with the “rules” for that lesson based on art considerations. You make a quilt that follows those “rules” send me an image and I will critique it and send the next lesson. each lesson has a two week deadline so the whole class takes 16 weeks. I will set up a yahoo groups site and post everyone in the class pieces in their file so that you can learn from what others do as well. The cost of this class is 175.00


My other private on line course is Working in a Series.

You start with a quilt that you want to be the first in the series, send me an image and I will critique it and discuss your ideas for the next quilt and how you want the series to go. You can have as little or as much input for each piece from me as you would like. You can create a series about a technique, color scheme, inspiration, object, shape, line etc. the possibilities are endless. The deadline for each piece of the series is 3 weeks then send it to me for a critique and I will put it in your file on the yahoo groups site set up for your class. The total number for completing the series can be 6 or 7 pieces. The cost of this class is 200.00

Next February I will be shooting two more videos for iquilt
check out my itinerary page to see where I will be teaching in 2016 and maybe you could join me somewhere near you.
Busy Busy.

2016 is going to be a very good year.

love and hugs

oh for those of you who know that I am trying to sell my house and move to California…. The house has not sold so still looking for the perfect buyer
check it out on zillow 235 Rancho Alegre Rd, Santa Fe, NM