Merry Christmas

Drcember, 2014: November was a great month. I taught at Art Quilt Tahoe which was great as always. Lots of beautiful clean air, early morning walks, great students and lots of after hours fun. Thanksgiving was marvelous, a trip to northern California to spend the day with family and go house hunting! Even found a great place, now just have to sell my home here in Santa Fe.

I am starting my on line course, Color, Composition and design in January.

If you would like to join me for this fun and educational course for 8 lessons on formal art considerations go to teaching tab and sign up.

Looking forward to the month of December working in my studio, making a quilt for my cousin to cover her with love during her chemo treatments, two quilts lined up for my development of my new “Artful Log Cabins” class, too much fun, and working on a new big quilt based on my acrylic paintings.

Busy Busy but the very best kind of Busy.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas