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Summer Is Coming

Summer is coming and I am so excited as I watch my garden grow. Living in Northern California is certainly different garden wise from living in New Mexico!! a lot more mowing and pulling of weeds.

I have just finished the January on line courses and am getting ready to start the new set in June.

Color and Composition which is 8 lessons on art considerations that should be thought of when making a quilt.

Working in a Series consists of 6 pieces that work together to create a series.

Please check workshops for more information on those and to register.

Classes start on June 4th with the first assignment sent out
for the Series class that is when you would need to have an idea or quilt for the first piece in your series.

Please also check out my itinerary page to see where I will be teaching, maybe we could meet and do a class together.

Alegre Retreat for 2018 is very exciting and almost full!! already!! please go to for more information on the Retreat held at the Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, Colorado.

I am taking the month off from quilting in May to paint in my new studio and to tame my yard!!

Have a great summer and enjoy creating