Thanksgiving and Christmas

One of my favorite times of the year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am generally home for the holidays and I enjoy decorating my house for Christmas, working in my studio and spending time with family.

It is going to be a great December! A few weeks ago Alex and Ricki and crew from TQS stopped by my house for a visit and named me the Legend for 2016! What an honor! You can see that show on TQS (thequiltshow.com). If you are not already a subscriber sign up and share this with me.

TQS The Quilt Show My Episode is Show#1913 and will post on December 18th 2016.
You can view a preview of the trailer on YouTube: https://youtu.be/GOiveT5WsDg

You can view the full episode for FREE starting December 25th January 1st, 2017 at: http://thequiltshow.com/watch/show-list/video/latest/show-1913-tqs-quilting-legend-2016?artist_coupon=19131218


I have done 4 lessons for iquilt and they are now out as DVDs so you could own one yourself if you haven’t downloaded it on iquilt. They are 25 dollars apiece. I had such fun making each and everyone of them and I hope you learn and enjoy watching.

I am taking sign ups for my online courses that I do myself. Color and Composition and Working in a Series that will be starting in January, find out more about them under the pull down tab of Teaching and sign up before we fill up.

As for working in my new studio….. You can see me in my new studio on the TQS show and I will be posting images as I finish up two major pieces this month. One is a very large artful log cabin that I have been working on to demonstrate construction in my classes and I have just a few more blocks and quilting it and it is done. Also working on the fifth in my Graffiti series, this one is in complementary colors of violet and yellow with gray added. It is a very exciting piece to work on. Hopefully I can complete these two by the end of the month because I am planning on the best year next year. I am thinking about a new series based on some very special paintings of mine. That will get the year off to a good start. I am having several exhibitions next year, one in Setges Spain, one at the Vermont Quilt Festival and one in Rome at the end of the year!! So I want to produce some new work and the beginnings of any series are very exciting!! I will be teaching a lot next year so maybe I will be somewhere near you and you can join me for a class and or lecture. Check out my itinerary pull down tab to see where I will be. My most exotic trip next year will be to Taiiwan and China!! I love my life and feel very thankful that I am able to travel and teach and enjoy every minute of it.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that all of your dreams come true!!