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The Start Of A New Year

January, 2014: The start of a new year. I am really looking forward to this year. I am spending some time on the road teaching and a lot of time in the studio this year. On the road highlights will be Rd to California and Quilting in the desert later this month. Two weeks away teaching in a row but then home in the studio for the month of February. March I get to go to Greenville New York for the quilting workshops at Hudson River Valley, one of my favorite spots that I get to teach at once a year.

April is my Alegre Retreat then in July I am going to South Africa and when I am done with the teaching some family and friends are joining me for a safari and touring!! Mixed in with all of that is making log cabins with my sisters in January and in May we make patriotic log cabins for our fine service men, a wedding and a family reunion as well. I am starting a new set of online courses that I really enjoy in January and then again in June. I am painting on Wednesday with my good friends in one of our studios to inspire and critique each other. That is always fun. Walking my dogs and generally enjoying life. New years resolution is to be grateful and happy.

Happy New Year to all of you.