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April is a Beautiful Month

April is a beautiful month and it is my birthday month. I am celebrating my birthday this year with packing! I am packing up my house to move to my new house in California. I will be moving the 18th of May. That will start the three day drive from Santa Fe, NM to Fortuna, CA. My sister is flying out to help me with the drive and with the two big dogs in the back!! should be an interesting trip! Pray for us!! Before that I will be running my Alegre Retreat conference in Gateway Colorado, and teaching in Mahone Bay, Canada and for PAQA in South Carolina. so very busy but enjoying it.

I am looking forward to setting up my new studio in my new home. I am working on a few more Artful Log Cabins for my new book that I am writing for C&T publishing, all my strips are cut and ready to go because my fabric drawers are being packed up so I need to be a totally mobile unit!! kind of like camping in your own house.

Also this month my Quilt Dots are now available. Just visit Zappy Dots – Quilt Dots at You can read more about it and even enter to win a set by visiting their blog for details.


I am ready for the change.
I hope you have a great spring and that your creative juices are flowing.
love and hugs