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Alegre Retreat Palisades Tryptic - Katiepm

April is a Beautiful Month

April is a beautiful month and it is my birthday month. I am celebrating my birthday this year with packing! I am packing up my house to move to my new house in California. I will be moving the 18th of May. That will start the three day drive from Santa Fe, NM to Fortuna, CA. My sister is flying out to help me with the drive and with the two big dogs in the back!! should be an interesting trip! Pray for us!! Before that I will be running my Alegre Retreat conference in Gateway Colorado, and teaching in Mahone Bay, Canada and for PAQA in South Carolina. so very busy but enjoying it.

I am looking forward to setting up my new studio in my new home. I am working on a few more Artful Log Cabins for my new book that I am writing for C&T publishing, all my strips are cut and ready to go because my fabric drawers are being packed up so I need to be a totally mobile unit!! kind of like camping in your own house.

Also this month my Quilt Dots are now available. Just visit Zappy Dots – Quilt Dots at You can read more about it and even enter to win a set by visiting their blog for details.


I am ready for the change.
I hope you have a great spring and that your creative juices are flowing.
love and hugs


When It Rains It Pours

I have just returned home from filming two more videos for iquilt. It was a fun shoot. I love my crew, Joe the camera man who can set up a beautiful shot of anything, Alissa my director who knows everything!! and is so fantastic about keeping me focused. Brian the mixing and sound man who fixed everything that went wrong. These videos will be out later in the year. One is on making a watercolor painting into a quilt and the other is painting on canvas with acrylic paint then cutting them up to make a new composition then quilting it and framing it. What fun.

Now I am working on my new book for C&T publishing that will be out in a year. That is the Artful Log Cabin. and I have so many wonderful student work that it is going to be a very visually appealing book.
I will be moving to California in May, too many commitments to do it anytime sooner. When it rains it pours on so many levels.
Spring it coming and I am looking forward to it.
love and hugs


Sage View - Katiepm

Freezing but beautiful!

Hello from freezing New Mexico. Freezing but beautiful!! Busy January with going to California to house hunt and to sew with my sisters to preparing to film two more videos for! One video is on my stitched paintings and the other is from my class “Watercolor to Quilt” Tons of work preparing for both. At least I can drive up to Denver where the videos are shot and can bring EVERYTHING I need from my studio.
I am hoping to be moving in a few months and I have too much STUFF! So I am having a SALE! check out the sale page under shop and see what has been moved there. Everything on that page is at least 50% off. Help me out if you buy it I won’t have to pack it.

Also working on my new book Artful Log Cabins for C&T Publishing. I have gotten quite a few images from my students to add to the book. If you have made an Artful Log Cabin send me a picture for inclusion in the book. My Video for on Artful Log Cabins is now airing!! I think it turned out great. let me know what you think.
Spring is coming !!
Happy creating!!
love katiepm